Alberto Brichuk Techno

Expansive Sound by Alberto Brichuk

Alberto Brichuk: Dj, Producer, Radio Host & Label owner of "Alma-Electronica" For Booking contact:

Born in Argentina, interested in electronic sounds unconventional and inspired by other DJ's from Argentina, began his career as a DJ in 1996. His restless spirit takes you beyond, and in 1999 began to produce his own sound, -"Always inspired by everyday life, combining the sounds of my surroundings, new sounds looking for originality, the hypnotic rhythm with the addition of a vibration deep, cutting sounds at the base of the old and new projects, environmental sounds, voices a hard worker, a particular sound dirty, completely underground, pointing to the dance floor at any time, anywhere". Her live performance is defined as a journey of sound that goes through the "Experimental", "Minimal", "Tech", "Acid" and "Electro" textures. Combining their production with new projects and sounds for each style. Today, he meets new projects such as "Expansive Sound" Radio Show to take place each week, which presents a unique selection of Tracks and presents all his work... On the other hand is the owner of "Alma-Electronica" label from Buenos Aires - ARGENTINA.